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Welcome my dears!
I'm Liz, 16, from Ireland. Love hugging people and reading is a hobby of mine. Love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Harry Potter and Star Trek, Hobbit, LOTR etc. Always up for a chat so talk to me if the mood takes you ^_^


[a left boob appears within arm’s reach]

chris evans:


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I’m so tired of people telling me German is an “ugly, angry” language. When my German teacher tells us jokes it’s the sweetest, happiest language in the world. When I teach my father the word for daughter he smiles, repeating “Tochter” to himself until he gets it right, and in that moment German sounds like pride. There’s nothing angry or ugly about a language that never says goodbye, only “until we meet again.”

Thank you for this

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"Whoever he used to be…The guy he is now, I don’t think he’s the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop.”

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this is my favorite thing of the day

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Dead Poets Society Challenge — [2/8] characters: Neil Perry

"For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do! And for the first time, I’m gonna do it! Whether my father wants me to or not! Carpe diem!"
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The gang is playing Cards Against Humanity and Bucky’s got something to reveal.. ;]

Inspired by this post

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Didnt I say you were grounded


Didnt I say you were grounded

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Don’t kill him. Let him live.

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